Our Executed Project


Libyan International Telecom  Company 

  • Creation of Contracts Section, 2022
  • Stage 1: Creating a contracts database and re-archiving it:
  • Building a contracts database containing most of the data and information related to contracts and agreements found in the company’s archives, compiling them in one place, and establishing a mechanism for easy access when needed.
  • Stage 2: Creation of internal procedures and policies that regulate the company’s contractual process.
  • Stage 3: Creation of Contract templates, tender & RFP templates, and contract request templates and processes
Group 1

Zallaf Libyan Exploration & Production Oil & Gas

  • Since 2021 providing Zallaf Company an on call basis contractual support and regular tender and Contract drafting and review.
Libya Telecom & Technology

Drafted the Procurement & Contracts Policy & Procedure, as well as process cycle . in 2023